Singletons' survival guide

We Bridgets must find ways of coping with the dreaded 'V' day without resorting to drastic measures (Smug couple homicide perhaps being one of them.)

Here is our Bridget-style guide to the dreaded 'V' Day:

1. Think of all the horrendous ex-boyfriends you could be spending the day with. Remember the one who cheated on you with the skinny American?  

2. Do not go out - every smug couple in the country will be taking their loved one for a romantic three course meal. Get your best mate over and cook for them - blue soup perhaps?

3. Use 'V' Day as an excuse to go an buy that little black dress you've been eyeing up. Just think - you could have wasted that money on some good for nothing male.

4. Make presents for your friends - cupcakes, a mix tape or a homemade card perhaps.

5. Take your best friend to a gig - a night of dancing in a sweaty club is enough to put your mind off your love life.

6. Buy yourself a bottle of champagne and some strawberries.

7. If you plan on hitting the vodka - be sure to rename all the ex-boyfriends in your phone 'Don't do it' - to prevent any unwanted text messaging.

8. Do not resort to karaoke.Valentines

9. Buy yourself some flowers.

10. Wear your big pants with pride - no one's going to see them after all.