Pringles Are Not A Crisp...But What They Are Will Blow Your Mind

We all know that once you pop you pop you just can't stop, but there's a little known fact about Pringles that will rock your world!

Pringles tubes through the years

We've spent our lives assuming that Pringles fall into the crips family. FACT. 

Sure they come in a tube instead of little silver packets, but they're most definitely crisps, right? Wrong.

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You may want to sit down for this next bit.

Because we've just discovered that Pringles ARE NOT IN FACT CRISPS.


We feel like we've been lied to all these years!!! Living a life of darkness and now it's time to come into the light.

Okay so wait for it...all those years we've been guzzling, crunching and munching, we've actually been eating BISCUITS!


Pringles are made out of corn, just like Monster Munch or Wotsits, which technically makes them a cake or biscuit, NOT a crisp like we thought. 

Understandably people are outraged, which even resulted in a court case against Pringles. 

The court saw where people were coming from and ruled that because the product is made of 42% potato, it should indeed not be ruled a crisp.  

So there you have it! Pringles for dessert anyone? We mean, they look quite pretty...