Holy Guacamole! This Machine Solves The Mother Of Avocado Problems...

#FirstWorldProblems Alert! This machine will help you keep your avocados greener for longer and we want one NOW!

avocado slices

It's a first world problem that we've all struggled with. The dreaded moment our avocados turn and are no longer that delicious green colour we all adore.

Apparently it's become such an issue that one such manufacturer has made a machine to keep our avocados looking greener for longer.

The Australian company, Natavo Zero , has come up with a solution to keep browning at bay for up to 10 days longer even after they've been chopped or sliced. Pretty cool!

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natavo zero avocado machine

However sadly, this isn't available for just anyone at the moment. The device has been made for the food processing industry and will likely be used to keep guacamole green to save artificial colouring being used.

Hopefully they make one that will fit on our kitchen surface one day. We can only dream...