Expert Reveals That THESE Are Officially The Best Tea And Biscuit Combos

Tea and biscuits go together like rama lama lama kadinga adding dong, so here are the best combinations of the two for the best brew!

Biscuits and Tea

Wondering what the perfect biscuit to dip in your Lapsang Oolong is? Well, we can't tell you that. 

But we CAN reveal, thanks to an expert, what teas go best with what you have hiding in your biscuit tin.

Phillips Thacker blends tea at twinnigs for a living and speaking to Metro said that we should be considering which biccy's match our favourite blends.

Lets begin with the humble Hobnob.  


A robust oaty biscuit of joy is apparently best dunked in a cup of Assam.

This makes sense, a strong biscuit with a strong tea of course!

Phillippa says "It's thick and takes milk really well. It's got that hug in a mug feel which works particularly well with a Hobnob."

What about a Custard Cream?


As these are such creamy biscuits, they are best suited to a citrussy blend of tea such as Ceylon tea from Sri Lanka.

Now for a classic...Digestive.

Digestive Biscuits

You can probably guess what tea is best suited to such a classic biscuit.

Yep, English breakfast! You can never overpower the flavour of a digestive so so brew it as strong as you like!

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How about a Jammie Dodger?

Jammie Dodger

The top choice for kids but enjoyed by us adults too! Make tea time with one of these jam filled treats a bit more grown up with a Darjeeling tea.

‘With the jammy, fruity note and its sweetness, this biscuit would be nice with Darjeeling tea, which is light and perfect for afternoons,’ says Philippa.

And last but not least, the Bourbon!

Chocolate biscuit lovers might be pleased to know that the only option when it comes to double chocolate goodness is ginger!