THIS Biscuit Is The Best For Dunking... And It's Not What You Think

Scientists have taken on the biggest challenge of all time and the results are now in.

biscuit and tea

There's nothing quite like settling down with a nice cuppa and a biscuit to dunk. But then again, there's nothing worse than dunking said biscuit in tea and half of it braking off and being left to sink to the bottom. It's one of life's biggest disappointments. 

Well, things are about to make life a whole lot easier because science has found the answer to one of life's biggest mysteries: What type of biscuit is best for dunking? And you might not like the answer... 

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biscuit pullout

The experiment by WIRED tested 10 types of biscuit, ranging from the humble Party Ring through to the posher end of the scale with the Fortnum & Mason Pistachio and Clotted Cream. Using robots, the biscuits were dunked in tea and held there for 15 seconds before being weighed on digital scales to see how much liquid they biscuit absorbed. 

The simple McVitie's Rich Tea biscuit has come out tops with an overall score of 9/10, closely followed by a McVitie's Digestive. 

The judges said of the winner: "The Rich Tea impressed us all. Its compact structure means it can hold its shape a bit easier than the looser, oatier biscuits."

Do you agree? What's your favourite biscuit that you like to dunk?