Oh Crumbs! Brits In Uproar Over Jammie Dodger Recipe Changes

Jammie Dodger

First they change our Creme Eggs and now this. 

Jammie Dodgers - the shortbread biscuits with a big heart - are undergoing a recipe change to try and stop declining sales. 

Burton Biscuits, who make Jammie Dodgers, have announced changes to the original recipe after research showed that customers wanted a crosier, fruitier biscuit. 

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They will be doing this by adding milk protein to the recipe and reduce the amount of sugar by 22%. The packaging will also be undergoing a redesign. 

However the real issue here is that by adding milk protein, the biscuits will no longer be suitable for people with a dairy intolerance or vegans. 

And the Twittersphere is really kicking off: 

Now that really does take the biscuit.