Is Butter Bad For You? New Study Turns All Our Preconceptions Upside-Down

Who's been spreading these lies?! It's time for butter to stop being painted as the bad guy!

Butter on heart shaped bread

New research suggests that we may have been believing lies all these years when it comes to the adverse effects of butter on our health. 

Nutritionists have always been quick to condemn butter consumption, but now scientists are going back on these claims and saying that the golden dairy product may actually help reduce the risk of developing type-2 diabetes, 

What is more, there could be little link between butter and suffering from cardiovascular disease or strokes. 

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All of this is music to our ears of course - after all, who doesn't love butter?! 

The new news comes alongside rumours that saturated fats may not be as bad for us as previously feared. 

As always, it's all about moderation however and fans for good stuff should make sure they don't exceed roughly one tablespoon a day.

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