Creepy Carvings: Celebrity Pumpkins That Will Give You The Spooks

As the days get shorter and the nights get longer, we need a little warming glow in our lives...enter the most AMAZING pumpkins you've ever seen!

Donald Trump and Hilary Clinton pumpkin carvings

Whereas our usual homemade pumpkin efforts result in a load of orange sticky mess all over the kitchen, these guys have it NAILED!

From magical creations that will enthral every Harry Potter fan:

To the avid superhero movie fan, who prefers the villains to the heroes!

Speaking of superheroes, check out how amazing Wonder Woman looks!

Thing have even got a little political with references to upcoming US election, in the form of Donald Trump and Hilary Clinton:

Animal lovers will go potty for this little cutie:

Plus there are even pumpkins for Disney lovers:

And last but not least, not forgetting Star Wars aficionados: