There's A Reason You're Addicted To Chocolate... And It's Not Your Fault!

Chocoholics should sleep easy at night knowing that their cravings for sweet treats could be down to biology.

Chocolate Gene Canvas

As the countdown to summer begins, we're all starting to think about how we can cut down on any unnecessary calories.

While we all try to cut back on the likes of cheese, bread, pasta and other no-gos, there's one treat we just can't seem to resist...


Ugh, no matter how hard we try, we just can't get enough of our cocoa fix among other sugary treats.

So why do we find it so hard to ditch the good stuff? Apart from our obvious lack of will power, of course.

Apparently, it could be down to our genes!

Yep! It's the get out clause every chocoholic has been praying for! Just one more excuse that means we no longer have to feel guilty about scoffing that bar of Dairy Milk.

Scientists claim to have identified a ‘sweet tooth hormone’ which when produced by the liver after eating sugary things, can help people to regulate their sweet food consumption. 

If it secretes a load of this hormone, you’re much more likely to be able to resist the cake brought in by your colleague.

If you're liver produces a small amount, then the chances are you will be left craving sweet things all the time.

FGF21 is the hormone which is produced after the liver detects you’ve eaten something sweet – and it sends messages to the brain that you’ve satisfied your sugar craving. 

A study of 6,500 found that people who naturally produced less of the hormone were more likely to crave sweet things. 

Does this mean we could soon be saying 'hello' to a new pill that stops us from reaching for the candy?

We hope so!