You've Been Eating Chocolate All Wrong!

You've been eating chocolate wrong this whole time and you didn't even know it..

bruce bogtrotter chocolate

Do you eat a square of dark chocolate a day to keep the doctor away? Or do you just shove as much creamy milk chocolate into your mouth as quickly as possible? Whichever way you choose to indulge, eating a chocolate bar is not just about the taste. And you better believe it.

Yep, quality dark and milk chocolate bars invite all five senses to the experience them. In fact, a new study has revealed that by more carefully selecting the music we pick to accompany our chocolate gorging, we could completely enhance our perception of its flavour. Yes, really.

According to Cadbury (they are a leading confectionery brand, don't you know?), who have conducted a study with Mindlab, what we are listening to can change how we taste the different varieties of chocolate they offer.

The report by Mindlab found that amplitude, frequency, volume and pitch could significantly affect your perception of taste. So if you’re a fan of nuts in your bars, try listening to songs with lower pitches. And if you love a bit of crunch you’re your chocolate, try higher pitched tunes.

Duncan Smith, Managing Director of the neuroscience agency Mindlab, one of the country's top neuroscience agencies, explained: "Multiple studies show that music and taste are intrinsically linked. Just as you’d pair wine with certain food, you should pair certain sounds with specific food to enhance the taste and experience.

"Through the new Cadbury Dairy Milk Sound of Flavourites album you’ll be able to enhance the eating experience of your favourite bar from the comfort of your own home."