You'll Never Guess Which Rockstar's Kid's Can't Get Enough Of Tunnocks Teacakes

We've all been there - one parent says "no", the other says "yes". Well it seems as though home life isn't actually all that different for Hollywood's elite!

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Let's face it, it must be kinda tough growing up in a family where mum's so dedicated to "clean-eating" that she even owns her own lifestyle brand (Goop), promoting this ideal, healthy way of living...

It's not often we sympathise with the offspring of the world's most rich and famous, but spare a thought for 12-year-old Apple and 10-year-old Moses, who have a rather hard time of things when it comes to tasty treats.

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As self-confesseed BIG fans of pudding, we can totally empathise when the two nippers just need that chocolate fix!

And it seems that hands-on dad, Chris Martin is no different either. 

The 39-year-old just can't resist when his two little darlings beg him to bring home Tunnock's Teacakes when he pops across the the UK. 

The Coldplay rocker and his kids are apparently all big fans of the Scottish snack...and who can blame them!

Chris Martin wins serious dad points in our book for this cheeky treat!