Christmas Dinner Flavour Crips Are Curing Our Pre-Crimbo Munchies

If you ever find yourself getting disappointed that you can only eat Christmas dinner once year, then this might just be the solution...

Christmas dinner flavoured crisps

Let's face it, there's no greater day for eating and drinking than the 25th September. 

So it's a sad state of affairs that this hallowed occasion only takes place ONCE in 365 days!

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Well things are about to change. 

All thanks to Co-Op - who've created CHRISTMAS DINNER FLAVOUR CRISPS. YES, REALLY. 

One bag is filled with a whole selection of separate flavours, including maple parsnip crisps, carrot crisps, Brussel sprout crisps and turkey & gravy crisps.

PLUS, the best news? The crisps are actually all vegetarian and began!

So now you can start feasting on your Xmas favourites early! Hallelujah!