Is Your Commute To Work Expanding Your Waistline?

You won't believe just how much calories you consume before you reach your desk.

Driving eating commute

Stumbling out of bed and making a dash for the door before having that all important morning meal could see inches added to your waistline, as busy commuters are more likely to reach for some calorific treats on the way to work. 

So if you're that person who just can't function  without your morning cup of Starbucks and that plain au chocolate, then you might be surprised to know your habit could be clocking up as much as 800 calories a week!

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The extra calories works out the equivalent to eating a Mars bar three times a week and is not only damaging to your health but could be shortening your life span, according to a new report by the Royal Society of Public Health. 

More than 24 million people across England and Wales are thought to commute to work, totting up an average round-trip time of 56 minutes, rising to 79 minutes in London.

RSPH polls suggest 33 per cent snack en route, with 29 per cent opting for a fast food restaurant on their way to or from work.

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The study also found that travelling to work by train, bus or car is linked to higher stress, higher blood pressure and weight, and reduced the time available for healthy activities such as cooking, exercise and sleeping.

We can all relate to that!

Shirley Cramer, RSPH chief executive, said: "For some, the daily commute can be a pleasurable experience, giving time for reflection or an opportunity to relax, but for an increasing number it is having a damaging effect on our health. 

"As the length of our commute increases, this impact is getting worse."

Yikes! Guess we'll be snacking on an apple from now on!