Most Of Us Are Cooking Rice Wrong And It Could Be Doing Us Harm

We never knew that cooking rice this way could be potentially harmful!

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If your granny, mum, food tech teacher or favourite cookbook taught you to cook rice with two cups of water to every cup of rice then sadly you're doing it wrong. 

And it's not only a culinary faux pas but it could also be potentially dangerous to your health exposing you to health problems such as diabetes.

But how could lovely, pure, fluffy rice put us in any sort of peril?

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Well according to scientists lots of rice has traces of arsenic in which is caused by industrial pesticides in soil.

BBC programme Trust Me, I'm A Doctor's Professor Andy Mehard from Queens University Belfast has tested three ways to cook rice to find out which way lowers the arsenic levels most.

Two parts water, one part rice

In using this conventional method that many of us use, lots of arsenic remained after the rice was cooked.

Five parts water, one part rice

This also involved rinsing the rice after it had cooked. This halved the levels of arsenic.

Soaking rice overnight

When Professor Meharg soaked the rice overnight the arsenic levels had been reduced by 80%.

So the end verdict.... 

Which is the best way to cook rice?

  • Soak rice overnight

  • Wash and rinse well until the water is clear

  • Drain and then place in a pot covering with five times the amount of water

  • Bring to boiling point and the turn the heat down

  • Simmer for 15 minutes

So there you have it!