How Much Is That Daily Cappuccino Habit REALLY Costing You?

Have you ever wondered what your morning coffee is really adding up to? Well prepare to be completely flabbergasted by what you actually spend on those hot beverages, as well as other "must-haves" such as work lunches out and even your family pet over the course of your lifetime!

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Hey, we're totally with you on this one. Sometimes the ONLY thing that will get us out of bed in the morning is the prospect of that big frothy Flat White. 

But what is that morning beverage, really costing you over the course of your whole lifetime?! 

Well you'll probably be as shocked as we were to discover just how much these "basic" luxuries are really adding up to. 

It turns out that if you have just ONE coffee (priced at £2.40) each weekday, then you’re spending a whopping £559,20 a year!

That works out at £26, 282 over your lifetime... 

To put it in perspective, that's the cost of a hoverboard, an extension on your house or even a whole degree! 

Wait. WHAT THE..?!

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Right, so now we've recovered-ish from that horrific shock, it's on to the next depressing stat. 

That's right, we're talking those daily pop to the shops to grab lunch. 

Just how much do you reckon that Pret sandwich is costing you?

Well according to statistics based website, we each spend an average of £7.81 per day on lunch and work-time snacks and drinks.

That amounts to round £90,000 over the course of your working life. So to put it on context, if you earn the average UK annual salary of £26,500, then that’s the equivalent of spending around three years worth of your salary JUST ON LUNCH.

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Now us Brits love a drink or two... but what's the true cost of that cheeky post-work vino? Well according to information from a survey by Onepoll around £50,000 is your answer. Yes, that's 50K! Arrrgh! 

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Meanwhile the cost of raising that beloved family pet doesn't come cheap either!

According to last year's results from analytics based website Statistica, the cost of looking after your moggy over their lifetime is around £17,000...

Eeek! Maybe we'll stick to looking up cute videos of cats in dresses on the internet from now on...

Whilst dogs can be anywhere between £16,000 to a gigantic £31,000! Good thing they're man's best friend ay(!)

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Finally, it's a nasty habit, but if you do still smoke, statistics from the NHS claims that smoking 5 a day for 50 years will put you back around £27,375.

Well there you have it, surely the PERFECT excuse to quit! 

So there you have it... it seems life really is as expensive as feared! Excuse us as we go and take a vow of abstinence.