The Crodough Is About To Revolutionise Your Easter Weekend!

We literally can't tear our eyes away from these fried delicacies...


Diet, what diet? 

For those of us who've been good as gold and given up the sweet stuff during Lent, the ONLY way to transcend back over to the dark-side has officially landed.

For the rest of us... well, it would be rude not to really wouldn't it?

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The Creme Egg crodough is the latest invention from the expert Chef Pâtissiers  at Rinkoff Bakery in London. 

It's made by frying a croissant (yes really) and then injecting Creme Egg fondant into the centre of the thick, sugary ring, before drizzling more fondant on top and topping with a really Creme Egg. 

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By the sounds of things, everyone else is just as happy as we are at the news!


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Our top tip? Accidentally drop your crodough in your cuppa... the delicious topping melts and gets all gooey...Mmmmm.

So what are you waiting for? Get your order into Deliveroo now... you deserve it!