Bye Bye Marmite! Shoppers REFUSE To Panic As Our Favourite Items Disappear From Supermarket Shelves

Customers are boycotting some of our most beloved household items due to the ongoing price war that's sweeping the nation! Marmite, PG Tips and Flora could soon disappear entirely from the shops unless the argument is resolved...

Products not on tescos shelves canvas

We don't often say this, but we're pretty proud of our high street supermarkets right now! 

Tescos and stores are boycotting tons of items supplied by the company Unilever to their shops, after the company added 10% to the prices of their products.

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Yes, you heard correctly! 

Many of our favourite bits and bobs, from Cornetto ice creams, to Hellmann's mayonnaise, from Flora butter, to Persil washing machine tablets, could soon be out of stock and off the shelves, whilst the argument over the price of these things rages on...

Tesco is not alone in its price battle with the major supplier, which has resulted in the chain failing to restock many top household brands due to "availability issues". 

However, shoppers are siding with the supermarkets over the issue and backing their fight to the end! 

Plus the story doesn't end there! 

As the battle hots up, it's come to our attention that some people are so desperate to get hold of a jar or marmite that they're paying RIDICULOUS prices on the online shopping site Ebay.

Would YOU pay £5,000 for an unopened jar of Marmite?!

We better take a leaf out of Justin Timberlake's book and stock up before it's too late!