Can These EASY ONE-Minute Workouts Help Shift A STONE In 4 Weeks?

Who said you need to work out for an hour a day? Davina McCall has devised a genius routine that will have your daily exercise over in minutes...

Davina McCall One Minute Workout Canvas

The first day of summer always sets a little streak of anxiety through everyone, especially when the penny finally drops that you've only got a few weeks to get that summer body, but you've still got that WINTER one.

Suddenly, you find yourself regretting that bowl of pasta, and extra large glass of wine. 

Well, Davina McCall claims her new diet and workout plan will transform any wobbly bits you were nervous about and leave you feeling bikini confident without having to give up too much of your time or the foods you love.

Davina has teamed up with her personal trainer Ed Lumsden to devise some easy exercises that only take seven minutes, and will to keep all those jiggly bits firm and perky - even when gravity seems hell-bent on working against you. 

“If you are feeling fit and exercising  it gives you a spring in your step,” Davina says. “It makes you feel good. And feeling good is all you need to look good too.”

All you have to do is repeat each of the seven exercises for ONE MINUTE for a total of seven minutes. 

They plan recommends building up to doing three of her seven-minute routines a day, five times a week in order to see the best results from her five-week subscription programme 'Get Fit With Davina.'

Easy right? 

We've broken down one of her high intensity workouts 'The Beach Body Burn' to get you started!

1. Dumbbell Swings


2. Squat, Thrust, Stand


3. Sprinting On The Spot (five second jog, then three second sprint as fast as you can)


4. Jogging On The Spot

5. Jump Squats 

6. Squat, Thrust, Sprint (add a three second sprint in between each squat)

7. Jog, Run, Sprint, Squat (3 seconds for each one followed by a squat)

Davina's exercises also come with a delicious diet which she claims can help you shift the weight WITHOUT giving up on all the foods you love. 

She explains: “The hardest thing is making the decision to start – waking up every morning and thinking ‘Today, I’m going to do it’ and by lunchtime thinking “Sod it!’“That’s what I did all the time. But you don’t have to deprive yourself of foods you like. That’s why we’ve put a healthy twist on a lot of favourites.”

Believe it or not there are a lot of choices too, with steak drizzled in wild mushroom sauce, spaghetti bolognese and raspberry fools pudding all on the menu! 

So why are you allowed to eat such tasty foods, and just how does it all work? 

Davina and nutritionist Max Tomlinson have devised a new system of Calorie Plus Credits (CPC).

Unlike normal calories, they take into account the nutritional value of the food and its effect on your blood sugar, which is vital because we all know that the excess gets stored as fat!

1. First use an online calculator to work out your Body Mass Index. 

2. If it’s under 25 you should have between 58 and 98 CPCs a day.

3. If it’s 25 or over you can have between 49 and 82.

4. Then pick a snack, dinner and dessert from a range of options to add to your choice of breakfast and lunch.

Easy peasy!