Forget The Creme Eggs, Hot Cross Bun Flavour Gin Is Where It's At

What do you get if you cross a bottle of gin with our favourite Easter breakfast treat? No this isn't the start of a bad joke...

Hot Cross Bun Flavour Gin Easter

It may not be the most obvious fit, but gin lovers everywhere will rejoice at the prospect at this Easter reboot of their favourite tipple.

It might sound like a family favourite, but the new sweet liquor treat from the people at Gin Tales is most firmly for the adults. 

Infused with nutmeg, sultanas, cinnamon and real citrus fruits, the drink really is spice and all things nice.

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At £29.50 it doesn't come cheap, but health watchers will be thrilled to know that there's no added sugar or any of the sickly sweet syrup that are de rigour for most flavoured spirits.


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This year leave the Easter eggs for the nippers and have a grownup, naughty Easter instead.