Don't Ditch The Prosecco! This Is The Wine That You SHOULDN'T Be Drinking

Heart spoke to television personality and Celebrity Cruises wine expert, Oz Clarke and he says don't turn your back on prosecco.

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There's no denying it: we are a nation of prosecco lovers and there's not a lot that can stop us reaching for the bottle at any excuse for a celebration. 

We have no problem drinking the fizz, but there is one thing that may put a cork in our bottle when it comes to buying the stuff: the price. 

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Oz Clarke
Celebrity Cruises wine ambassador, Oz Clarke.

How many of us are guilty of turning away from a £10 bottle of real prosecco and instead opting for a bottle of sparkling wine to save ourselves a few extra pounds? Don't do it, says wine expert Oz Clarke.

"I really believe it's a false economy," the Celebrity Cruises wine ambassador tells Heart. "Cheap sparkling wine has a poor taste, the bubbles are rubbish and it will give you a really bad headache! 

"Would you rather have a bad headache because you drank two glasses of sparkling wine or because you drank four glasses of prosecco? I know which one I'd rather have!"

Before you go making the assumption that you have to splash the cash to get that quality taste, Aldi and Lidl sell bottles of prosecco for around £7.50. "It doesn't have to be pricey," says Oz. 

"The grapes used for prosecco are grown across a really large region," Oz explains, "all the way from the Trieste on the northeast coast of Italy to halfway to Florence."

This is why there can be a big price difference between brands of prosecco. But at the end of the day, it's all in the grape and the same grapes are used for every prosecco. 

However, if you insist on a sparkling wine, Oz says opt for a Spanish cava with a splash of elderflower cordial. Make sure that you put the cava in second though, so that the bubbles will mix up the two liquids. 

"But it won't be as much fun!" laughs Oz.

Offering over 500 wines from every major wine-producing region in the world, Celebrity Cruises' Sommeliers and Cellar Masters regularly visit vineyards to ensure that each wine is of the highest quality.