Fitter Or Fatter? 5 Calorie Cutting Facts And Fads

These are all common knowledge tips for cutting the calories to lose weight, but how useful actually are they?


There’s so much information and mis-information about calorie consumption and dieting these days. From dozens of different juice diets, to special chewing methods, to cutting out this, that and the other type of food; it’s hard to know what’s useful and what’s not.

Here’s the real deal on 5 dieting tips, separating the facts from the fiction.

1. Eat Lots Of Fruit

While it’s true that fruit is jam packed with healthy micronutrients and fibre, it also contains a lot of sugar. Nutritionists advise sticking to about two pieces of fruit a day and three veg to get your recommended 5-a-day. And as for juices, avoid altogether. They’re just liquid sugar that the body likes to store as fat.

2. Switch To Diet Drinks

This seems to be a straight forward one; diet drinks, which often boast zero calories, must be better, right? Well yes, they do represent fewer calories, but there’s growing evidence that the way they trick the body into thinking it’s getting sugar causes it to then desire more calories when the expected sugar doesn’t materialise. Beware of the cravings!

3. Buying ‘Low-Fat’ Food

Many food brands produce ‘low-fat’ and ‘lite’ versions of their foods, which suggest they are a healthier option. However, that might not strictly be the case. In order to preserve the taste when they remove fat they often add more sugar, so calorie-wise they might not actually be as good for you as the packaging boasts. Make sure to double check the nutrition info before you buy.

4. Plenty Of Sleep

It’s ok, we’re not about to reveal that sleep’s bad for you (yet), but like many things, too much of it might be. Studies in America have found that sleeping for more than 10-hours a night (who are these people?) could be as damaging as getting less than six hours sleep. Too much or too little sleep has been found to increase the risk of heart disease, strokes and diabetes.

5. Bun-Free Burgers

“Carbs are bad!” That seems to be one of the loudest cries from the diet industry, and it’s one that leads many to ditch the burger bun and just focus on the meat. However, substituting a salad for the bun could be even worse if you use salad dressing, which can be very high calorie. Be careful what you add.

So some of the received wisdom isn’t as smart as we might have thought. It seems that the best advice when it comes to food, as always, is to practice moderation and use your common sense.

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