Food Has The Power To Decrease Stress And This Duo Have The Secret!

We had a chat with the team at Mindful Chef about getting your day started right and how fantastic quality food can improve your mental as well as physical health.

Mindful Chefs

If you're stressed or having a bad day, it's easy to reach for the chocolate or make a comforting meal loaded with carbs. 

But we all know that just makes things worse in the long run!

We spoke to the team from Mindful Chef about making food that's good for the body and the mind and won't leave you standing in the kitchen for hours.

So who are Mindful Chef ?

They are Myles Hopper and Giles Humphries, two friends who started their mission to make healthy eating easy in 2015.

Mindful chef

After creating their healthy, organic and delicious mail order recipe boxes which are now ranked amongst the best in the UK they're now ready to spread their good food values into everyones homes thanks to their new recipe book, Mindful Chef .

"One of the reasons we started Mindful Chef was because I was working really long hours, returning back late from work and the when I got home i'd be really stressed" says Giles who was in the 9-5 world before he followed his ambitions and started the company along with his friend Myles.

We can all relate to that. 

After a long day, who wants to slave over a stove? 

He continues "We’re proving that you can cook something with us which takes 20 minutes and in that period you can put your phone in another room and relax and turn your brain off. Enjoy the process and completely cut out the other stresses in your life."

Rather than viewing cooking as a chore, they are firm believers in enjoying the process of making your food and in the same way as an exercise class can declutter the mind, so can cooking - and there's a yummy meal at the end!

Sometimes cooking books that promise an idea of 'clean eating' or 'healthy recipes' can throw some pretty intimidating ingredients into the mix.

But they point out that all their recipes involve less than ten ingredients and are things you can get pretty much anywhere. 

Mindful Chefs

This is music to our ears as some cookbooks often ask you head to a health food store for something fancy and not use what we already may have hiding away in our cupboards!

So if their recipes are so quick and great for your wellbeing, what's some soul food we can whizz up quickly after a long day at work?

Well, as Giles excitedly tells me, they have a recipe up their sleeve thats tasty and they have proven is easy to whip up in five minutes on their Youtube channel.

Here's how to rustle up some faff free carb-free kebabs and rice in no time... 

Yep, that's some speedy chopping alright. 

But once you've got your prep skills down to a t, all of the recipes in their book are straightforward and great for you!

Whether its's these kebabs from the section of the book full of recipes for combatting stress or pork meatballs to help you have a better night's sleep, this book will kickstart the positive vibes in your relationship with food. 

Happy cooking!

The book 'Mindful Chef' is now available to buy here on Amazon.