Get Ready For The Best Easter Ever! You Can Now Get GIANT Kinder Eggs

Get ready for the most EGGciting Easter ever...

Kinder Eggs Canvas

It's the time of year when Easter eggs have already started popping up down our supermarket aisles.

But everyone's favourite chocolate egg is available all year round of course, and that is the Kinder egg.

Those little chocolate eggs of joy with their yellow surprise filled centres truly make the world go round, but this Easter there are some special edition Kinder eggs coming our way.

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They are FIVE times the size of a regular Kinder Surprise and weigh 100g.

Giant Kinder Eggs

They're exactly the same as the standard eggs too, except bigger, which means there is still a toy lurking inside that yellow capsule which is either My Little Pony themed or Transformers: Robot in Disguise and even the toys promise to be sizeable.

The eggs range from £5 to £10 in price depending on where you buy them.

This is CRACKING news!