You've Been Eating Peas Wrong According To This Pea Etiquette Expert

You've been eating peas wrong canvas

How do you eat your peas? Do turn your fork over and work with the shovelling technique, or do you opt with the lengthy process of spearing them one by one? 

We'll, it's Great British Pea Week (11th-17th July) and we're here to correct your pea etiquette in aid of this green week. 

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"A lot of people struggle to eat peas without at least a few flying off their plate – but that’s because the correct pea etiquette isn’t being used!" the TV chef Rachel Green (not the friends character) told Metro

" When eating peas, always avoid turning over your fork and scooping. You should squash the peas on to the back of your fork."

We're not totally convinced though - if we wanted mushy peas, we'd probably just order mushy peas... 

Great British Pea Week is a week of national awareness dedicated to the green vegetable to celebrate the British pea harvest. It is launched by Yes Peas !