Treating Yourself To A Greggs Just Became Guilt Free!

We all LOVE a trip to the bakers and this news of healthier options at the high street chain has taken the guilt away!

Gregg's to introduce new healthier bakes to their

Greggs is everyone's guilty pleasure and a staple on the British high street, but we all know deep down that a steak bake is doing NOTHING for our healthy eating plans.

You'll be thrilled to hear that Greggs have just slapped a healthier option to their menu to keep our guilt at bay the next time we enjoy a pastry.

The bakery chain will be introducing new options that swap their current butter pastry recipe for a healthier sourdough alternative.

The current steak bake contains 405 calories and a whopping 26kg of fat.

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The new bakes on the menu will contain 300 calories and only 9g of fat which makes them a third less fattening and are given green and amber warnings on the Governments traffic light nutrition system - steak bakes have a red light.

The newcomers come in a chicken katsu option and a bombay potato option.

The changes come as officials predict that Britain will have the highest obesity levels in Europe by 2015.

Often the cheaper alternatives in high street eating are the unhealthier options, so this is a great step in the right direction from Greggs!