Gregg's NEW Service Means You Can Now Eat Your Pasty At Your Desk

A sausage roll a day, keeps the work at bay...

Gregg's to introduce new healthier bakes to their

Brace yourselves because your work day will never be the same.

You might soon find yourself having a sausage roll ordered to your desk if Gregg's new delivery service becomes a success.

The high-street bakery is currently giving the delivery service a trial in their hometown of Newcastle, and workers at the Cobalt Business Park have been lucky enough to give it a go.

Reports by the Newcastle Chronicle claims over 14,000 workers were able to order from a range of parties, sandwiches, cakes and salads at their convenience. 

It wasn't long before fans took to Twitter to rejoice the news. 

Of course it sounds a little too good to be true and there was ONE catch.

Lunch-seekers had to spend minimum of £25, meaning a person would have to order the equivalent of 20 steak bakes or 32 sausage rolls to qualify for the delivery.

A Greggs spokesman said the delivery service was aimed at hungry workers who wanted a team lunch, and the trial would begin with a selection of products rather than the full menu.

It's thought more trials will be rolled out in the near future, with Newcastle city centre, Quorum Business Park in the city, London and Manchester city centres all being lined up to get their very own delivery service.