We've All Tweeted A Company To Moan, But Have You Ever Received A Response As Hilarious As These?!

We're all guilty of complaining to a company on Twitter, but what about when they go an extra mile? These are the best and most hilarious customer service tweets!

Hilarious Twitter Customer Complaints

We live in the Twitter age now, and as well as meaning the news breaks faster...its also WAY easier for customers to make complaints.

Sometimes when we get annoyed with bad customer service we Tweet the company concerned with a carefully constructed 140 character moan.

Most of the time all you'll get back is a link to a customer survey and a 'sorry that you feel this way', but sometimes companies get extra creative with their responses...

Argos handled this customer complaint particularly well... 

Roughly translated, it seems that this unhappy Tweeter was disappointed the Mosside branch of Argos had run out of PlayStation 4 consoles and  felt one of their employees was rude.

As the complaint was written in such colourful language, Argos replied in a similar way.


Virgin trains took great customer service to the next level after this social media interaction...

Makes a change seeing some NICE things about a rail service!

Let us know if you've had any hilarious responses from a company on Twitter!