How To Make The Original Cadbury's Creme Egg Recipe At Home

If you're one of the chocolate-loving Brits that's cracked over the the change in the classic Cadbury’s Crème Egg, here's how you can make the original recipe at home...

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There is nothing quite like a Cadbury’s Crème Egg debacle to cause widespread outrage among us Brits.

After Kraft Foods (who bought Cadbury in 2010) announced the shell of Crème Eggs would be changed to 'standard, traditional Cadbury milk chocolate' rather than the Dairy Milk variety that we're all used to – all our Easters were simultaneously ruined.

And to add insult to injury, the company have also done away with the six-pack to introduce a five-pack instead. It’s like the Freddo saga all over again…

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The news was obviously met with cries of disapproval from the general chocolate-loving public. WHY CADBURY, WHY?! And as a result, Crème Egg sales plummeted with the brand's best-selling Easter line losing more than 6 million in sales last year. Let that be a lesson to you Cadbury - never mess with perfection.

Talking on This Morning , renowned chocolatier Paul Young showed said: “I think it’s changed, there’s less cocoa solids in it,

“You can’t change something that is literally ingrained in our heritage”.

So he showed Holly and Phil his fondant egg recipe - and how we can make our own Cadbury Creme Eggs at home. Result!


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How to make your own Cadbury Creme Eggs...

Serves: makes 6 eggs


800g milk chocolate of your choice
100g sugar
100g water
500g white fondant icing
Yellow and orange food colouring


  1. Take 800g chocolate and melt it in a bain marie to 45C. Never a microwave, it won’t achieve a good melt and may burn the chocolate.
  2. Pour two-thirds of the chocolate on to a large marble surface. Ideally you will have this installed already and call it your counter. Temper it with a palette knife and a scraper, moving, spreading, piling in, spreading again, moving, until it starts to solidify.
  3. Plonk it back into the remaining third of still melted chocolate. Mix well until evenly smooth. Pour the whole lot into your mould and tap to release any air bubbles.
  4. Leave it for two to three minutes. Pour out the excess. Put the shells in the fridge for 20 minutes.
  5. Put 100g sugar and 100ml water into a pan and dissolve to make sugar syrup
  6. Take 500g of white fondant icing, cut it in half, pummel yellow food colouring into one half.
  7. Grate the icing and mix it with sugar syrup until it is the consistency of buttercream icing
  8. Fill each shell half with white fondant then a dollop of yellow for the yolk and stick the two halves together with a little melted chocolate

Your eggs will – but are unlikely to – last for one month!

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