Since When Were Leggings And Bailey's In Our Weekly Shop?!

Trends constantly change and what we're buying goes in and out of fashion quicker than you can decide what to have for dinner tonight...


What we choose to put in our weekly shopping basket says a lot about us as a nation. So what's hot and what's not in 2016...

The annual summary by The Office for National Statistics has been unveiled on the same day as the Chancellor gives us his new March Budget and it might surprise you to know that posh coffee pods, leggings and cream liqueur have all been revealed as part of 2016's Inflation Basket haul. 

Inflation Basket 2016

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So it's in with casual clothing and out with extortionate late night club entry fees as we discover what counts as part of the 704 items used to judge the cost of living in 2016.

So with all these comfy clothing purchases and pre-prepared meals, are we opting more towards an easier life? 

Well as the pace of life gets faster and faster and we gulp down our coffee-on-the-go as we hop between our Bikram yoga class, getting that shellac mani and picking up the kids from school - there's no doubt that we're learning to survive on the go and our shopping habits are reflecting this.

Plus with George Clooney starring in those Nespresso coffee adverts...who can blame us?

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We'll see you at the shopping till... Bailey's bottle in hand of course.