Eat Fat To Get Thin! Official Low Fat Diet Advice Slammed By Experts

Struggling to slim down? New advice says that our obsession with high carb, low fat diets is responsible for the obesity epidemic!!

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A sensational new report says that the current diet recommended by the government is fatally FLAWED, resulting in the extreme obesity epidemic that's costing the NHS £6 billion per year! 

According to a report by the National Obesity Forum (NOF) and the Public Health Collaboration, eating lots of carbs, low fat foods and diet-related goods are having a terrible impact on our bodies, which need fats to survive. 

The new advice calls for a drastic increase in our intake of saturated fats, with the motto 'eating fat does not make you fat'. 

One consultant cardiologist has even said...Promoting low-fat foods is perhaps the biggest mistake in modern medical history!" WOW.

Experts now recommend lots of meat, fish, dairy and high fat healthy foods like avocados. Sadly, it's not an excuse to eat donuts :(


Want to transform your approach to eating?

Body Coach Joe Wicks has become a HUGE fitness guru thanks to his cheeky chappy approach to nutrition and working out. Famous for his #Leanin15 recipes (really quick healthy meals prepared and ready to eat in just 15 minutes), Instagram legend Joe spoke to us about how you can eat more food and lose MORE weight. What's not to love?

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Can eating fat really get us thin?

Joe says: "The thing about fats is that people are so convinced that they need to drop their calories to burn fat – so the first thing they normally cut out is fats, because obviously they have quite a lot of calories in them.

"But the fact is the body needs energy and this is what I’m all about – I get people eating more food and they do the HIIT training (high-intensity interval training) along side it and the fat metabolizes so they’re burning it as energy. They feel amazing – their skin, their nails and everything improves because you need fats. Fats are essential to the body, it’s not something that you should completely cut out of your diet."

What are the best good fats?

Joe Says: "So my favourite fat sources are things like coconut oil and butter, which are really great for cooking in, and then foods like yoghurt, nuts, avocados and adding olives into salads. And then oily fish as well, like salmon and mackerel – they’re great sources of omega-3, which is what you need in your diet."

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Should we be cutting carbs out?

Joe says: "Everyone fears carbs like they’re the devil. I hear things like, "oh you shouldn't eat carbs and especially after 6pm" and that’s just a ridiculous rumour that I talk about in my book. The philosophy behind book one is all about burning fat - so to have two meals that are reduced carb, higher fat and protein and after you train you have a carb refuel which is when your body basically needs to be refueled with carbohydrates. It’s just a simple way of eating, so two low carb meals and one carb meal after you train to burn fat and get really lean.

Can we snack?

Joe says: "With the book, I encourage people to have three meals and two snacks per day so it’s all about eating more, I just don’t want people to go hungry.

"If you’re on a diet now and you’re literally starting something that you cant even think about doing for more than one week then it’s not worth starting. It’s not sustainable. It’s about fuelling your body, feeling good and having energy. And you can eat so much more food than you think and still burn fat."

What's your opinion on detoxing?

Joe says: "Your body is an engine – it needs energy, so why just give it juice, dust and water when it needs protein, it needs fat.

"I’m not a big fan of juice diets and low calorie dust shakes but I think having a juice alongside your breakfast or your lunch is a really good way of getting extra vitamins and minerals because a lot people don’t like vegetables so if you can get loads of spinach, kale, broccoli and beetroot into a juice then definitely.

"But never replace real food with juice and dust - your body needs a lot more energy than that so have it along side food. There’s also nothing wrong with having a few cups of green tea every now and again but don’t think you can just drink green tea and get lean, it’s not going to work!"

Joe's 'Lean in 15: 15 minute meals and workouts to keep you lean and healthy' book is out NOW!