KFC Are Trolling Clean Eating Bloggers And We Very Nearly Fell For It

In a world of foodie Instagrammers and clean eating bloggers, we're often made to feel guilty about what we eat: if it ain't 'clean' it ain't worth it.

KFC Are Trolling Clean Eating Bloggers And We Very

No matter how much we try to lead a healthy lifestyle, kale, courgetti and chia seeds just don't do it for us. What we really want is a dirty, greasy burger and no amount of spiralizing is going to fix that. 

So you can imagine our disappointment when KFC announced that they were going to be launching this clean eating, chia-seeded cauliflower burger. 

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According to the fast food retailer, the burger is made in collaboration with food blogger, Figgy Poppleton-Rice. Yeah we know. Sounds like she's a member of the royal family, right? 

Having never heard of her before we started our investigation with a Google search. We know that she has her own font and all, but we just needed to make sure...

Sure enough, Google's top hit was her website, figgypoppletonrice.com . Figgy describes herself in her bio as 'Figgy P-to-the-R'. Seems legitimate. 

That is until we read her sign off: "P.P.S. Kale is love. Kale is life."

No one loves kale that much. 

And after a scroll through her twitter feed and Instagram account we became pretty sure she wasn't a real person, but a brilliant fabricated PR stunt by KFC. 

And we've got to hand it to them because it is hilarious. 

The accounts are making fun of food bloggers such as Clean Eating Alice and Hemsley + Hemsley, by posting somewhat sarcastic, inspirational quotes and ridiculous recipe suggestions. Just take a look at some of these:

Brilliant, huh?

And judging by some of the comments on KFC's Facebook post, we're not the only ones who fell for it. 

KFC Are Trolling Clean Eating Bloggers And We Very
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If you were looking forward to picking up your chia-seeded cauliflower bunn-ed, unsweetened almond yoghurt-ed, ice cube relish-ed, spiralized chicken breast-ed, 100% British kale burger from KFC then you're going to be disappointed.