WATCH: Make Ghoulishly Good Halloween Treats For Kids AND Adults

These three simple recipes will make the perfect treats for the spookiest night of the year...

Make Halloween treats on Heart

If you have a sweet tooth and you just love cooking then you're in for a (trick or) treat. Learn to make these ghoulishly good Rice Krispie pumpkin treats, the scarily great Oreo bats and these creepily tasty cookie spiders. 

Heart have put together these three simple, easy to follow recipes for you to follow to make this Halloween the sweetest one yet! You can even get the kids involved - there's more to do than just lick the spoon. 

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Rice Krispie Marshmallow Pumpkins Treats 

40 minutes


Make Rice Krispie Marshmellow Pumpkins Treats

Follow these easy steps to making spookish Pumpkin tastes for all the family.


For this recipe, all you need is Rice Krispies (or a cheaper equivalent will do), butter, marshmallows, orange food colouring, Malteasers and brown or black icing. 

Spooky Oreo Bats 

30 minutes  


Make Oreo Bats For Your Halloween Dessert

These little fellas couldn't spook anyone!


For the bats you'll need Oreos (some extra to eat whilst you're making them!), Reece's Cups, tiny marshmallows and some brown or black icing. 

Creepy Cookie Spiders

40 minutes


Make Cookie Spiders As A Cheeky Halloween Snack

Give those trick-or-treaters a shock with these creepy spider cookies.


You'll need: butter, sugar, one egg, vanilla essence, Malteasers, tiny marshmallows and brown or black icing. 

Happy cooking!