Distressed Malteser's Fans Are Up In Arms After Discovering THIS!

Consumer watch dogs are up in arms after one bright-eyed shopper spotted a cheeky change which the rest of us had missed...

The Double Malteser

Hot on the heels of Toblerone-gate, we've got fresh horrors to unleash upon you... 

Yes, it seems we're a nation in turmoil, as unbeknownst to most of us, it seems our beloved Maltesers packets have been shrinking without our even realising it. 

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We've not long recovered from the awful news that our Toblerone bars are getting smaller, so the latest news has understandably devastated many. 

The classic 121g packs of Maltesers aren't being sold on supermarket's websites at the moment - instead you can only be 103g packet.

But as if that wasn't bad enough, some shops are mis-selling their 103g packets and hoping we don't notice! 

It's even happening with 112g packets of Galaxy, which are being mis-sold as 126g bags! It's an outrage! 

So what's their excuse? 

Well a spokesperson for Mars blamed "a rise in the cost of raw materials." 

EUGH. Rubbish!