A Man Gave Up Coffee And Alcohol For A Year And Here's What Happened...

This man gave up coffee and alcohol over a year ago and some of the benefits are pretty impressive!

unhappy coffee man

Over a year ago Tobias Van Schneider decided to quit drinking and buying coffee and alcohol. Curious about the results, his friends asked him to write about his experience and the results are pretty impressive.

He saved money.

A pretty obvious one to begin with, but he found that he had more money in his pocket at the end of each month. This is a given when it comes to cutting something out of your life but how much he actually saved is ASTONISHING.

Based on having a couple of drinks every evening (the equivalent perhaps being a night out on Thursday, Friday and Saturday every week) he saved $1000 a month which is the equivalent to roughly £770!

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Less gossip.

Some might see this as a pro, some might see it as a con but one thing he found was that he learnt significantly less gossip!

In order to resist the temptation to drink he would turn down catch ups with friends at the pub or in bars and then found he was missing out on lots of goss. 

If that were us, we would get SERIOUS FOMO!

A Better Night's Sleep.

Of course its not uncommon to hit the pillow when you're a little tipsy, but in terms of quality of sleep it was found to be way better after quitting alcohol and coffee.

Also, there were no effects of drinking alcohol the the next day - here's to springing out of bed every morning!

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No Coffee = Less Stress.

There's no scientific reason behind this but he said he felt significantly less stressed after quitting coffee. 
Taking coffee out of his diet made him way more chilled out and kept panic at bay. Instead of coffee he decided to drink tea instead, which over here in Blighty we would happily oblige to!