Masterchef Winner Is Slated For 'Posh' Restaurant Using HANDS As Plates

The winner of Masterchef 2012 has everyone scratching their heads with his new venture.


A fancy new restaurant has been slammed as "pretentious" after serving it's overly priced eats directly on people's hands.

The food at Anton Piotrowski’s restaurant is quite literally finger-licking good, as punters are made to lick apple puree and pork starters from their hands instead of plates.

While the Michelin-starred cook might see his bizarre idea as inventive, he's being slammed by locals who have ridiculed him for not buying plates.

And while local newspaper reviewer Louise Daniel hailed it as “a novel idea”, readers were less than impressed with one branding the idea “Pretentious piffle!”

Anton’s Brown and Bean restaurant and bar in Plymouth offers just one choice — a set-price nine-course taster menu, with  the apple and pork starter being served course.

Of course, Anton isn't the only person who has ditched the plates in favour of more - ahem - interesting items.

A Twitter group called "We Want Plates" has rounded up just some of the bizarre, yet hilarious, items being used to serve food - including a hat and a shoe!

We wonder if plates were out of his budget? Or perhaps he just doesn't want to do the washing up. Totally understandable!