Meet Colin The Caterpillar's Tasty New Girlfriend!

Connie caterpillar canvas

It's been a big year for Colin the Caterpillar, what with celebrating his 25th birthday and helping David Beckham celebrate his. But his year has just got a whole lot bigger and a lot less lonely. 

This week, Marks and Spencer have started selling a new kind of caterpillar cake, a lady caterpillar called Connie. 

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Connie the Caterpillar
Picture | Marks and Spencer

Filled with strawberry and chocolate, Colin's girlfriend Connie comes with pink shoes, lipstick and a pretty hair bow and long lashes. 

According to M&S, Connie is made from an all butter chocolate sponge roll filled with delicious strawberry flavoured buttercream. 

Shoppers have already spotted the pair side by side on the shelves so be sure to check them out!