Men Have The Munchies WAY More Than Women And Here's The Proof!

A new study shows that men could be bigger comfort eaters than women, and here are their TOP comfort foods!

Comfort Eating Augustus Gloop

According to a recent study by Planters Nuts, 72 percent of the men surveyed admitted that they regularly eat because their emotional rather than eating because they are peckish!

But more than revealing that men comfort eat as much as women do, it has also revealed which comfort foods are the choice of many guys out there - and reading the list is making us hungry.

Unsurprisingly, chocolate tops the list as the ultimate comfort food for men with a good old bacon sarnie coming in a close second and even a roast dinner included on the list.

We bet we you can't make it through reading all twenty before wanting to run to the fridge!

Men Top Comfort Foods

Another interesting revelation that came out of the survey was that relationships don't help us in the comfort eating stakes! 

Apparently 61% of men said they are most likely to comfort eat with their partners.

Don't blame us boys!

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