Milk First Or Last? This Is The Way You Should Be Making Your Tea

So what's actually the correct way to make a brew?

cup of tea

Nothing riles us Brits more than someone making a bad cup of tea. And yet, living in Britain, "Would you like a cup of tea?" is among the most commonly heard phrases – alongside "Terrible weather, isn't it?" of course.

And the question that inevitably follows that kind offer is usually an innocent (but heavily loaded and full of tea tekker expectations), 'How do you take it?'

And that's where the arguments begin. Yep, whether you put milk in your cup before or after the hot water is a constant argument among British people.

Because while most people just put teabag – sugar – water – milk, there are some people who (gasp) put the milk in before the water.

Well, the great debate has FINALLY been put to bed - if you're putting the milk in first (what's the matter with you, are you clinically insane?) you're doing it wrong.

A couple of 'tea experts' (yes, that's a real job), Sebastian Michaelis and Tim d'Offay, revealed that if you put milk in your mug before the water you'll 'reduce the temperature and inhibit the brewing'.

So there you have it. Never underestimate how passionate us Brits are about tea.

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