You Can Now Buy Ready-To-Bake Millie's Cookies

You can now buy ready-to-bake Millie's Cookies from Iceland and we can’t contain our excitement!

millie's at home iceland

Gone are the days of only being able to get your Millie's Cookies fix while wandering around the local shopping mall juggling crying kids and shopping bags that topple over the pushchair. You can now get ready-to-bake Millie's Cookies kits at your local Iceland ­– and make yours from the comfort of your own home. Yes, this is real, this is happening.

The cookies can be baked straight from frozen in just 16 minutes and come in packs of six with three different flavours: classic milk chocolate chip, triple chocolate and white chocolate.

milleis cookies milk chocolate iceland

We can imagine it now, the smell of Millie's Cookies filling your own home and wafting down the street to lead the neighbours to think, you're one amazing baker.

First there was the introduction of frozen Greggs sausage rolls and pasties to Iceland and now bake your own Millie's Cookies have been added to the mix. Sorry M&S, but this is precisely the reason why mum’s go to Iceland.

You can pick up two boxes of Millie's Cookies At Home for £5 from 17 February to 16 March. After that, they will retail at £3 per box.

Mums, form an orderly queue. Okay?! OKAY?!