People Are Freaking Out About Nando's Secret Breakfast Menu

Hidden in the midst of one of the UK's biggest airports is something all Nando's fans are going wild for. It's almost worth booking a flight...

Nando's breakfast menu Gatwick Airport South Termi

Chicken obsessives are reeling over the fact that Nando's has ONE branch in the UK that offers a bloomin' great breakfast menu. 

The restaurant chain's Gatwick Airport South Terminal branch has a complete brekkie menu, with a whole host of delicious meals like Peri-Peri fry-ups and 'Nando's Benedict' with eggs. 

There's only one condition...most meals have chicken involved in one form or another. 

The Nando's breakfast menu at Gatwick isn't exactly new, but it seems the world has only just woken up to the fact that it's there and ready to be devoured. 

It doesn't get much better than starting a winter sun holiday with a massive slap-up Nando's breakfast, does it?!

If you need a little more tempting, the star of the menu is the Nando's Breakfast, which includes chicken sausage, eggs, mushrooms, saucy fiery beans, grilled tomato and crispy Corny Browns (hash browns with corn).

Or there's the Nando's Benedict with chicken fillet pieces, two poached eggs and spinach with a Peri-Peri spiced hollandaise sauce. Oh, and did we mention the maple syrup spiced pancakes...

Sorry, excuse us while we finish drooling! 


Now we're speaking directly to Nando's...PLEASE put this menu in more of your restaurants across the UK. We need spicy hollandaise in our lives. 

Go on, admit it! You'd scoff this menu just like us!