The New McDonalds App Will Revolutionise The Way You Order!

Thought fast food couldn't get any lazier? Think again!

Carrie Bradshaw McDonalds

McDonald's is the poster boy restaurant for fast food.

Burgers, nuggets, fries and even desserts all made and served quick as a flash.

But the biggest bug bear can be the drunken queues on a Saturday night we all have to stand in after the pub has closed. 

So imagine if you could order your meal from the comfort of the pub then pop round the corner to the closest Maccy's and collect?

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That would be DREAMY. Introducing...the McDonald's App!

McDonalds App

On Friday, the new app launched in 22 branches of McDonald's nationwide.

You simply order your food, pay and then will be given a unique QR code which you will scan at your selected restaurant on arrival and voila! Your food awaits you.

So long kebab shops! The McDonald's app looks like it's definitely going to be a Saturday night game changer...