This Parma Violet Flavoured Cheese Is As Bonkers As It Sounds

Parma Violets Cheese

There is no doubt about it: we love cheese and we love sweets but we're not sure that we ever asked for our two passions to be combined into one horrible sounding food. 

Cheese had been a staple food product for centuries, dating back to the Roman times. Now there are many different types ranging from your household cheddar to the blue smelly cheeses that are considered a delicacy. 

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Parma Violets Cheese
Picture | Twitter

And now in a bizarre twist of events, Swizzles (the creator of Parma Violets) has paired up with The Cheshire Cheese Company to produce its first sweet-inspired cheese. 

The cheese owes its weird texture to the fact that crushed up Parma Violets have been added to the cheese making process. 

The made concoction has been created to celebrate the 70th birthday of Parma Violets. 

Claire Lee from Swizzels said: "We wanted to give the nation something special and different. We know Parma Violets have a unique flavour that divides the nation and we think this cheese will do the same."

The cheese has been met with skepticism...

What do you guys think? Would you try it?