People Are FUMING At Jamie Oliver's Spanish Paella Recipe

The Naked Chef has been blasted by Spaniards after suggesting cooks add chorizo to the traditional Spanish paella recipe.

People Are FUMING At Jamie Oliver's Spanish Paella

It would appear that the Naked Chef has hit a nerve with Spaniards with his authentic 'Spanish paella' recipe. 

The outrage was sparked by Jamie Oliver tweeting a revamped version of his paella recipe. He said: "Great Spanish food doesn't get much better than paella. My version combines chicken thighs and chorizo."

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The dish from the Valencia region traditionally includes meat, fish, shellfish and vegetables - but definitely not the Spanish sausage, chorizo. 

He tweeted his recipe to his 5.68million followers, many of which replied with disgust at his additional ingredient.

He's not the only chef to have caused outrage over changes to the traditional recipe. Gordon Ramsay received a similar response when he suggested adding chilli peppers to the dish, while Marco Pierre White was blasted for adding white wine...