Pringles Might Taste A Little Different Now THIS Ingredient Has Been Left Out!

A new range of everyone's favourite crisp has launched but something has changed drastically.

Pringles no potato canvas

They're probably just about everyone's favourite crips, but Pringles are set to change in a big way now that they've launched a brand new range.

The new range, called Pringles LOUD, boasts bold flavours such as Salsa Fiesta, Super Cheesy Italian and Fiery Lime Chilli, but they all have one vital ingredient missing from their recipe. 


Yep, in a bid to 'try something new' producers of the famed curl shaped potato chips, have decided to ditch the spuds in favour of corn, grain and other vegetables. 

GOD NO! Say it ain't so!

Despite the drastic recipe change, the brand new product isn't being marketed as a healthy alternative to their traditional potato crisps. 

Kurt Simon, senior director of marketing at Kelloggs, who own the brand, told CNNMoney: “We’re not trying to convey that the new crisps are better for you.”

Instead, he claims that the new range is simply for people who are "bold explorers who are eager to try something different in flavours and unique textures”.

The no-doubt controversial range of Pringles won't be hitting the UK shelves just yet, but they're not ruling out bringing the range here in the future. 

A spokesperson said: “We applaud the launch of Pringles Loud in the US. The future innovation pipeline for Europe is packed with excitement too, so watch this space as to whether Pringles Loud also lands in Europe or not!”