Pringles Snack Pots Are Back And Here's How To Get YOURS!

There is no cooler way to carry your crisps.

Pringles snack pot

Back in the 90s, you knew that you were the coolest mum around when you sent your kid off to school with a Fruit Winder, Dairylea Dunker and Pringles in a glittery pot. Serious mum points for you. 

Well, now they're back, thanks to Pringles and ASDA - but it's for a limited amount of time so you better hurry.

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All you need to do to get your hands on one of these awesome snack pots is buy two packs of Pringles from ASDA and BAM! The snack pot will be yours.

If you head to the stores now, a packet of Pringles are reduced to just £1.25, making it even easier to get the prize. 

If you aren't in need of any more Pringles in your cupboard (although we're not sure there's such thing as 'enough') then head on over to their Facebook page as they're giving away 500 snack pots. 


You might be too old for them but we can guarantee your kids aren't!