Raisin Free Hot Cross Buns Actually Exist And We're Not Sure What To Think

Raisin haters rejoice there is now hot cross bun hope for you this Easter!

Raisin free hot cross buns

Raisins in food can be as controversial an issue as pineapple on pizza.

We're not sure what raisins have done to become so victimised but they're pretty much like marmite, you either love them, or spend hours picking them our of your hot cross bun.

So if you are a raisin hater you may want to head to South Africa as over there lies a game changer.

A fruit free hot cross bun.

Fruit free hot cross buns

We had to look twice when we saw this post shared on Facebook...NO RAISINS IN SIGHT.

And for the eagle-eyed amongst you who spotted the packaging – yes, Woolworths exists in South Africa, except it's not the same one that we used to have unfortunately.

But one thing this this Woolies does have that ours didn't is hot cross buns for all! 

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So raisin lovers and raisin haters can celebrate easter with baked goods in perfect harmony.

Sadly, we are yet to spot anywhere in the UK that has made these but let us know if you know of somewhere near you that does!


As for raisins in other food, they seem to pop up everywhere.

They appear in cookies, brownies, cakes and they've even been known to pop up in salads! It doesn't take much searching on Twitter before you find somebody moaning about a rogue raisin in their dinner...

Ok so maybe that last one is a bit strange - who on earth would put raisins with pasta?

Let us know if you love or hate those controversial dried grapes below...