This Is Why You May Be Feeling Hungry All The Time

Do you find yourself packing in the snacks but forever feeling hungry? There may be a reason for that.

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Eating food is one of the greatest things about being alive, but sometimes what we're eating doesn't quite hit the spot and we end up feeling hungrier than we did before we ate. 

If you find yourself repeatedly snacking but never feeling full, then here are a few reasons why you might be feeling that way. 

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You're eating too many carbs

According to NutriCentre’s  Head Nutritionist Shona Wilkinson, eating a carbohydrate-heavy meal in the evening, it could leave you wanting more. 

Speaking to the Metro, Shona explained that when we eat lots of carbs they are absorbed quickly into the body as sugars. 

This rapid increase of sugars in our blood causes your body to release a surge of insulin, the hormone that stimulates our cells to take up glucose. When the sugar is quickly removed from the blood, it triggers hunger and more carb cravings, leaving you wanting more. 

To avoid this happening, steer towards meals that contain a moderate amount of unrefined carbs like sweet potatoes, brown rice or pasta, combined with protein like chicken or fish, and green vegetables. This means that the glucose is absorbed more slowly leaving you feeling fuller. 

You need more sleep

If you're not getting enough sleep and you've noticed weight gain, they could be related.  

When you're well rested, your body releases a hormone called leptin which inhibits hunger. Studies have found that the less sleep you have, the less leptin your body produces, therefore you're likely to feel hungrier. 

Make sure you get a good night's sleep to help stifle those feelings of hunger. 

You're thirsty

Sometimes we confuse feeling thirsty with hunger. Water is needed to help your body absorbed some of the nutrients in foods so don't just gulp a glass down when you're feeling hungry - it's key to keep hydrated throughout the day. 

Drinking water between meals generally feel fuller and can help to manage our appetite. However, it's important not to drink lots of water immediately before, during or after a meal as this dilutes the digestive juices and can have a negative impact on our digestion.

You're on your period

If you're female and it's your time of the month, then this can also have an impact on how hungry you are. 

It's been found that a woman's appetite increases in the week building up to, and during your period. To help manage these cravings, focus on eating protein-containing foods with each meal and reduce your intake of processed and refined carbohydrates and sugars. 

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