You've Been Drinking Red Wine ALL Wrong Says This Expert.

Celebrity Cruises wine sommelier Srdjan Margetic has revealed the biggest mistake people make when serving red wine.

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When it comes to red wine it's safe to say we're all experts at drinking it but most of us have probably never given much thought about how it should be stored.

If like us, you thought that whacking a bottle of red wine on that shelf in the kitchen would do the trick then you might want to think again.

Expert wine sommelier Srdjan Margetic sat down for a chat with Heart and dismissed the notion that red wine should be served at room temperature, claiming it's actually one of the biggest misconceptions about drinking a bottle of red.

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As the Head Sommelier aboard Celebrity Cruises Equinox ship, Srdjan is responsible for looking after the fleet's collection of wines — which boasts over 500 different types from every major wine region and is currently the largest collection at sea. 

Srdjan made clear that the term 'room temperature' often seen on the labels of red wines isn't to be taken literally as red wine should be served at the temperature of a cool wine cellar.

"There is always a big confusion when it comes to red wines, when you say the room temperature some can be 25 degrees and that is far too hot for red wine," he explains.

"What they actually mean by room temperature is the kind you get in a cellar where the temperature is a little bit lower. Really, to store red wine the temperature shouldn’t be any warmer than 17-18 degrees."

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In the event that you don't manage to down a bottle of red wine in one sitting red wine can actually be stored in the fridge in order to keep it fresh for the next day. 

"Once you open a bottle of wine you can pop the cork back in it and it will keep until the next day if you put it in the fridge. However, it's important to then take it out one hour before before serving so that it can go up to room temperature."

So how does Srdjan store his wine aboard the luxury ship? 

Well, it's only the best of course, the impressive collection of booze is towered high in a two-storey glass structure which can be viewed by diners in the swanky main dining room aboard the cruise liner which offers a range of culinary delights. 

The extraordinary master piece, designed by Adam Tihany, holds 1,800 bottles of wine at perfect serving temperature.

For those of us that don't have a wine cellar (or a custom-made wine structure!) Srdjan says that storing your red wine in a cool dry place will do just the trick!

Happy drinking!