This Restaurant Has Come Up With A Way Of Dealing With Stroppy Children

Taking the kids out for a meal can be a total nightmare.

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Taking the kids out for a meal can be a total nightmare. Instead of making us think 'why don't we do this more often?',  it can actually leave us feeling like we dislike our children. A lot. 

There's stress over what toys to bring to the dinner table, the colouring books, the crayons and then there's the issue of ordering. The kids want something off the grown-up menu, they don't know what they want or worst of all, they won't even eat what's in front of them. 

One deli has come up with a solution to this problem with it's ingenious kid's menu. 

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Kid's menu
Picture | Reddit

It has named the dishes after a common stroppy phrase that kids say in a restaurant, such as ‘I don’t know’ (hot-dog and fries) and ‘I don’t care’ (chicken and fries). 

The menu surfaced on Reddit and has since been doing the rounds on the internet. 

Although the menu is bound to infuriate children even more, there's no doubt it will make the parents chuckle. And technically, it will make ordering so much easier...