Rosé Wine Chocolate Is Here And We're Never Eating Anything Else Again

If you're anything like us, you LOVE wine and you LOVE this new food fad is a godsend!

Compartés Rose Wine Chocolate

Sometimes, just sometimes in life, it seems as though all our prayers are answered at once.

Wine and chocolate is a classic combination. But in the past, tucking into this fabulous feast simultaneously has largely been the reserve of red wine drinkers. 

Well not anymore friends!

Fancy chocolatier Compartés have dreamt up and created the most exciting concoction we've ever heard of... A PINK CHOCOLATE BAR INFUSED WITH ROSÉ WINE.

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And that's not all, oh no. The cherry on top is that it's even decked out in edible crystalized rose petals! WOW!

Handmade in LA, the bar understandably costs £7.52, so isn't cheap, but we're planning on bulk buying it away. 

So pop a bottle of your favourite chilled blush and tuck into summer's new sweet sensation!